Yalova, Türkiye – A Photo Journey

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So it appears as though I am now living in Turkey. You’ve seen my apartment, but I haven’t shown you around my neighbourhood yet. I live in Samanlı, a small… err… suburb? of Yalova – and Yalova is, technically, the smallest city in all of Turkey. It’s lovely. I really do like it here (even though the city centre is a 45 minute walk from my apartment).

We get frequent power outtages and there’s no central heating, but I have a kick-ass balcony, a senile old man for a landlord, and an amazing breakfast place down the road.


Exploring Samanlı

Around Yalova-20.jpg

My street!

Around Yalova-19.jpg

Just down the road...

Around Yalova-11.jpg

Fresh jams and spreads.

Around Yalova-10.jpg

Rad walkway.

Around Yalova-5.jpg

Fırat making shisha. Göğceloğlu is his last name. And yes, it's even harder to pronounce than it looks.

Around Yalova.jpg


Around Yalova-6.jpg

Lunch for one. Less scary than Mr. Göğceloğlu's creation.

Around Yalova-2.jpg

Delicious breakfast. Just down the road!

So I live about half way between Yalova city and Termal, famous for its natural hotsprings. Obviously we had to go check it out :)

Termal Hotsprings

Around Yalova-9.jpg

Tas being awesome.

Yalova itself is beautiful. It’s right on the Sea of Marmara (across from Istanbul), has a lovely stretch of beachside restaurants and ice cream parlours and even a little fairground with bumper-cars! I work in Yalova, so on the days I decide not to walk in, I take these rad old buses into town.

Getting Around

Around Yalova-21.jpg

Public transportation. When I don't walk, this is how I get to work.

Around Yalova-8.jpg

Bus stop. But it's more fun to flag down the bus wherever you feel like it.

Around Yalova-3.jpg

Riding the bus. Woo.

Around Yalova-6.jpg

Usually I walk to work. On this awesome sidewalk.

Around Yalova-24.jpg

Around Yalova-22.jpg

Sometimes I see these guys.


The City of Yalova

Around Yalova-23.jpg

Welcome to Yalova! I work just to the right of this bridge.

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Around Yalova-5.jpg

Drinking tea under a palm tree. Because why wouldn't you?

Around Yalova-17.jpg

He didn't catch anything. I looked.

Around Yalova-16.jpg

That thing in the middle is a giant chess board. Amazing.

Around Yalova-2.jpg


Around Yalova-15.jpg

This walkway of marble slabs is actually a memorial... etched with the names of the thousands of Yalovans who died in the disasterous earthquake of 1999. <3

Around Yalova-14.jpg

Restaurant seating!

Around Yalova-12.jpg

Fountains. Palms. Beauty.

Around Yalova-18.jpg

Around Yalova-3.jpg

The fish man. He stinks up the street outside my work. Every. Day.

Around Yalova.jpg

They misspelled my last name. ;)

The outdoor market in Yalova is pretty fantastic. And it’s cheap, cheap.

Yalova’s Bazaar

Around Yalova-27.jpgAround Yalova-28.jpg

I am convinced that grapes in Turkey are the best grapes in the world. And $1.30 for a giant bag!

Around Yalova-25.jpg

I wanted to buy everything.

Oh, and we can’t forget the nightlife!

So they took me to a bar…

So there you have it – a few snapshots from my life here in Yalova, Türkiye. The weather is starting to get cooler, and they say it might even snow! Crazy. At least when winter arrives, I’ll still have these kids to make me smile. :)


The Kids :)

The Kids :)