36,146 steps to Cockermouth

36,146 steps to Cockermouth.

Leaving St. Bees

At least that's what the guy at the bar says.

It's been a long hike from St. Bees to Cockermouth. I've got a bit of a blister forming, but nothing a bit of moleskin and a pint can't fix. ;)

Mom at the sign

Today marked Day One of our Coast-to-Coast walk across England. After washing our hands in the Irish Sea, and picking a pebble off the beach to carry with us on our journey (the idea is that this be thrown into the North Sea upon completion of the walk), we covered some 25 kilometers and meandered ourselves through soggy farmers fields and up muddy crags.

Mom and Dad at the Irish Sea

We teetered at the edge of a cliff 100 meters above sea-level, wandered through kissing gates and over cattle grids, and walked confidently in the wrong direction on at least three separate occasions. The weather was misty. Grey. And rainy.

Rounding St. Bees Head

But as we ascended the grassy pimple of Mount Dent, five hours in to the day's hike, the sun came out and made a wonderful setting for our picnic lunch overlooking Ireland and the Isle of Man.

Overlooking the Irish Sea

It was a lovely day.

And now we're in Cockermouth. Take a moment to appreciate that. I did.

We paused for a pint at the Fox & Hound. ^^

So in the midst of a move from Korea to Turkey, I've joined my Mom and Dad on a Coast-to-Coast walk from St. Bees (a coastal town in the northwest of England) to Robin Hood's Bay (another small village across the country in the northeast). Nothing could be more incredible. The trek covers the meanderings of a certain Alfred Wainwright, who supposedly navigated himself over these hills and through the same pastures a bunch of years ago. The walk is set to take 14 days. Today marked Day One. I'll try to keep you posted as the wanderings ensue, but internet is scarce and to be honest, life is kind of awesome without it, sometimes. ;)