Why I’m Moving to Turkey

It’s official – I’m moving to Turkey in a month. You may or may not have noticed, but my blogs are a bit backed up – yes, I’m still blogging about the Transsiberian, and yes, that took place last winter (hey, I didn’t bring my laptop with me for an entire 5 months of travel, so really it’s no wonder I’m so far behind) –  but I figured I should keep up to date with my current travels as well. So! I’ve decided to go live in Turkey for awhile.

And I’m moving there because…



1.  I love where it is on a map of the world.

It’s in the middle of everything. I’m fascinated by how it’s situated at the crossroads of three different continents. Europe to the northwest, Asia to the east, Africa to the southwest. Not to mention the Middle East as a close neighbour.

Turkey is actually bordered by eight countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. Of the eight, I’ve only been to one. So you know what that means! More inspiration to travel around (as if I needed another reason!).

It’s surrounded by water. The Mediterranean Sea and Cyprus are to the south. The Aegean Sea is to the west. The Black Sea is to the north. The Sea of Marmara, the Bosphorus, and the Dardanelles, combined together to create the Turkish Straits, separate Europe from Asia. I like water. Water in mysterious far-off lands is even higher on my scale of “like”. Way high.


2. I have a small obsession with Turkish Kebabs.

And I want to find out if they really exist in the motherland. If they do, I will probably never leave.

Turkish Kebabs in Seoul


3. I found a job.

I struggled with this for a bit, because I’m taking a serious pay cut moving here. I’ve been working in South Korea, and the wages here as an English teacher are excellent. But money comes and goes. I don’t need to make a fortune. If I can make enough to get by and, at the same time, experience a rad new culture, why wouldn’t I go?


4.   I’ve never been.

The closest I’ve been to Turkey is Greece. And that for sure doesn’t count.


5.  I’m going to be in England anyway.

One of my best friends is getting married in England at the beginning of September. So I’m leaving Korea on the weekend and making my way to Europe for this festive occasion. In terms of distance from Korea and distance back to Vancouver, Turkey is a lot closer. I’ll basically be there already. ^^

6. I am fascinated by the culture and the history (and am profoundly impressed by this guy’s moustache).

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

 Turkey is one of the oldest continuously inhabited regions in the world. The earliest Neolithic settlements are considered to be among the earliest human settlements in the whole world. That’s rad. And the country has a very diverse culture that blends elements of Oguz Turkic, Anatolian, Ottoman and Western culture, which I see as sort-of an “East meets West” type thing.

But mostly because this man is responsible for founding the country. And how can you not want to be in a country whose founder had a marvelously hairy and exceedingly striking upper lip decoration?



7. I’ve never lived in a Muslim country.

I have lived inside a Christian church. I have lived in the attic of a farmhouse. I have never lived in a Muslim country. And, damnit, it’s about time I do.

Yongin, South Korea


8. I’m about ready to leave Korea.

Not because I don’t love it here. Because I do. The food, the people, my amazing students. But as much as I love a monsoon season that lasts for 3 months in the summer, and as much as I rejoice in the humidity as I sweat through my fourth shower of the day, I’m ready for a change. I’ll miss it – I always do. And I’ll come back again, I’m sure. But life is short, and a new adventure is nigh. =^.^=


9.   I can.

I’m moving to Turkey. I’m moving to Turkey because I can. And do I really need a better reason than that? ^^

Soon to be new home. :)