Video: Renting a Jeep on Ko Phangan

If you’re spending more than a day or two in Ko Phangan, I definitely recommend renting a jeep or a scooter and taking off to explore the island. There’s lots to see, and the roads are fun to navigate (albeit a bit dangerous if it’s been raining a lot, as it did when we were there). The road to Had Rin beach is practically vertical, so if you’re planning to take your scooter to/from a Full Moon Party, keep that in mind.

After about a week staying at the amazing Haad Tian Beach Resort on Ko Phangan, we decided to rent a jeep and do some exploration of the island. Having no idea where we were going or what we’d encounter, we took to the no-power-steering, left-hand-shifting and wrong-side-of-the-road driving in our tiny Thai jeep that was about as dilapidated as you can get for something that was advertised as newish.  Click through the image above or click here to check out our adventures on the little island of Ko Phangan. : )