Travel Scorecard

Out of curiosity, I wanted to find out exactly how many countries I have now officially visited. I needed a list to work from, so I based mine on the Travelers’ Century Club’s Official List of 319 Countries.

I particularly like this list because it includes some ‘countries’ that are “not actually countries in their own right”. These extra ‘countries’ have been included “because they are removed from parent, either geographically, politically, or ethnologically.” Basically it means that my visits to Hawaii are much more noteworthy than the average person might give them credit for; the Hawaiian Islands are a separate category on this list and bump my tally of total countries visited from 30 to 31. =)

Pacific Ocean (1)
-Hawaiian Islands

North America (3)
-United States

Caribbean (3)
-Dominican Republic

Europe & Mediterranean (23)
-Balearic Islands (Mallorca)
-Czech Republic
-Ionian Islands (Corfu)
-Vatican City

Asia (1)
-Korea, South

Total: 31 Countries visited. 288 to go.

You can see that I have had much extensive experience in Asia before I decided to randomly pack my bags and move to Korea. Now you see.


Jan. 5, 2010: Taiwan (R.O.C.) and Indonesia have been added to the list.

Jun. 25, 2010: Jeju Island (R.O.K.) has been added to the list.

Revised total: 34 countries visited. 285 to go.

Based on the TCC list, how many countries have you visited?